BMW X5 Pickup Truck Rendered as a Sporty Rival for the Mercedes-Benz X-Class

The Internet has already accustomed us to some of the wildest renderings one can imagine, so when we came across the BMW X5 pickup truck render you can see above, we weren’t even surprised.

Truth be told, Rain Prisk, the digital art label behind this pixel play, came with a description for the render, one that makes full sense: “Mercedes is building the X class pick-up truck. So I started wondering what would BMW’s answer for it would look like,

With the Bavarian automaker now preparing to introduce the fourth generation of the SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), the timing seems just right when it comes to discussing a model gifted with a bed.

Nevertheless, BMW doesn’t plan to take its X-named family this far, so anybody willing to take the classic rivalry between the two German premium brands to the blue collar arena could perhaps turn to the aftermarket side of the industry for an X5 truck. It seems that, for the German automaker, coming up with the X7 seven-seater is enough of an expansion – here’s the most recent spy footage of the X5’s upcoming big brother.

Such an adventure has already taken place back in 2013, when a first-generation X5 was turned into a workhorse. The project was handled by an Australian BMW dealership and, unlike in the case of the crew cab seen here, came in extended cab form. We’ve added a few photos of the contraption to your right.

Of course, such a four-door proposal would result in an extremely limited hauling space. Factor in the SAV’s lack of rugged terrain abilities and we end up with a proposal that would mostly be built for the show.

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